5 Best DD-WRT Routers of 2019 – Best Wireless Routers

Are you searching for top wireless DD-WRT routers for 2019 and if you think How I find best wifi rourters for long distance and ff you want to upgrade your dual band router to AC or triband switch in your home or office network then our top 5 Best DD-WRT Routers 2018 will help you. While in the constant developing cyber-world, latest products and tech innovations are releasing ever month. Nevertheless, Internet hubs are among top developments of the digital age. An internet router plays a vital part in ensuring high-speed connection, secure performance, and reliable network link all the time.

Now, if you’re wondering what DD-WRT router is, then it is nothing besides an easy net router placed having an incredible firmware called DDWRT. The easy upgrade improves performance, potential, privacy and general online connection with people up to a great extent. Read on to understand more about routers, a listing of the best DD-WRT router, installation and arrangement of routers plus much more.

5 Best DD-WRT Routers of 2019:

DD-WRT is an open source firmware that has been developed to attain the best from your existing router. When mounted in your router, DDWRT enhances a normal router to your full-fledged enterprise-collection router, that’s competent to accomplish duties of a high-end router. However, much like Android rooting, DDWRT firmware changes the stock firmware given by the vendor. But, the trade-off is more worthy in areas of greater network connection, functionalities, availability and online privacy.

Essentially, this is much like installing an alternative operating system on your PC. And since DD-WRT supplies a many more functionality you can complete more with your router. In case you require a DDWRT router to operate your complete web connection via a VPN, this is our special guide on Best DD-WRT Routers 2019.

Advantages of DD-WRT Router – Why work with a DD-WRT Router?

Until we have now outlined how DD-WRT can strengthen your internet experience. Now, in regards to specific advantages, here’re the top Advantages of using DD-WRT Router:

1. Addon Network Storage: A-DD-WRT mounted modem with USB port is fully capable of examining hard disks and USB flash drive. Therefore, you can generate network storage in this manner.

2. Put in a VPN: One of the best advantages of using DD-WRT placed router is that you can readily put in a VPN service on DD-WRT placed router. After installing VPN, you can access 1000s of geo-restricted sites and services.

3. Add Network Printers: as well as USB flash drives, printers, and pictures can also be attached and utilized with DDWRT installed modems.

4. Domain Network Servers (DNS): Caching DNS may accelerate hostname lookup, hence increases access to favorite sites.

1. Linksys WRT AC1900 Dual-Band+ Wi-Fi Wireless Router

If you have a lot of devices connected to your home network, then the Linksys WRT AC1900 Dual-Band is a good option. Unlike other routers, it has 8 gigabit Ethernet ports. Naturally, it is capable of running the DD-WRT firmware. It helps you to increase your network strength to download and stream HD videos. It has four external antennas and comes with USB 2.0 ports and USB 3.0 ports to support fast flash drives.

4 High-performance Antennas For Maximum Coverage 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz Simultaneous
Reliable Wi-Fi Signal
Beamforming Technology
1.2 Ghz Dual-core Arm Cpu
4 Gigabit Ethernet Ports
Wireless-AC, up to 4.3x faster than N technology
4 high-performance antennas

2. Asus AC88U

As the AC5300 is a superb choice if you have lots of networking devices connected to your network. It will transfer all the workload between all connected devices. It’s twice the Ram, Display and gigabit ports (at seven), but this does come at the cost of the somewhat weaker wireless network. Obviously, it’s easily capable of streaming 4K media for your products (including movies obviously), has sports acceleration and with DD-WRT installed you’re able to obtain much more with it. It also has three USB ports, compared to the traditional two, as you’re more likely to need them.

Asus RT AC88U Technical Specifications CPU: 1400MHz dual-core
Ram: 512MB
Flash: 128MB
Antennas: 4 External
USB: USB 2.0, USB 3.0
Transfer Rates: 1000Mbps 2.4GHz, 2167Mbps 5GHz

3. Netgear R7000

The Netgear R7000 was last year’s winner, but due to excellent hubs being lately every year, it’s fallen to third place. This, however, doesn’t suggest it’s a negative hub, removed from it. The R7000 is capable of streaming videos, enhancing your online gaming and much more. While it lacks the energy and exchange costs of those above two, each of them helps DD-WRT SUPER generates so you can achieve the same level of efficiency. If you should be interested in working DDWRT on your Netgear router, you should also visit MyOpenRouter, the open source Netgear community.

CPU: 1000MHz dual-core
Ram: 256MB
Flash: 128MB
Antennas: 3 External
USB: USB 2.0, USB 3.0
Transfer Rates: 600Mbps 2.4GHz, 1300Mbps 5GHz

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How to Create and Login to Facebook

According to a recent survey every internet user spends 75% of his browsing time on Facebook. From this statement only we can clearly acknowledge the importance and accessibility of facebook. Now every website is providing us the freedom of signing in with the facebook profile and allowing us to connect through facebook. This step of different companies is increasing the involvement of Facebook in business also. Today every company wants to have a facebook page with the necessary information just to ensure their business presence on this well accepted platform.

Importance of Likes

A facebook page is being liked by different users if they find the page interesting and informative. On the other hand the numbers of likes decide the trust factor of that particular company. People will not pay attention to a page which is having small number of likes as it will be difficult for them to trust a page which is not trusted by other users.

If your facebook page is linked with the company’s website then most of the users will check your facebook page for assurance.

How to increase likes?                            

Even though we are well aware of the fact that facebook likes are very important for the reputation of the company but it is very difficult to increase the likes of the page in a short interval of time. Here we will discuss some effective tips that can be very helpful in increasing your likes count.

  1. 1. Facebook page is considered as the mini website for your company. So you should use your mind and creativity while designing your page. The posts on the page should be very inviting and attracting so that when a person gets a notification regarding that page in his news feed, he is compelled to visit the page.
  2. 2. The posts on the page should be managed by a professional writer as content of the page should be of good quality otherwise people will hesitate in trusting that page. Interesting stuff and beautiful pictures related to the posts also play an important role in attracting users.
  3. 3. Facebook ads are another way to gain facebook likes. You can gain likes by targeting a specific class of users who will show interest in your product or service. Through facebook likes you may get the most wanted visibility and that will help you in gaining likes and trust of the user.
  4. 4. If you are keen to increase likes on the page in a very short time then Facebook contest is the most simple and effective way to gain likes. The contest should be real and prizes should be good in order to attract users. People can easily trust you if you are investing seriously.

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Kroger Employees Login Guide | WWW.GreatPeople.Me

Then this is the perfect place where you can know the needed data on Greatpeople.me website. Have you heard about Kroger? If yes then you can check out the topics provided here. If you new to the term Kroger then go through the brief explanation given here. Kroger is the biggest American retailing company i.e supermarket chain the USA started in the year 1883 by Bernard Kroger. Being the largest supermarket chain, it operates 2,769 supermarkets and multi-department stores in the US. All the grocery stores are located in various states will be under the Company. It also deals with food processing and other manufacturing facilities. When you participate on Chuckalek krogerfeedback Survey Program, you could win the money prize of $5,000 on grocery gift cards or 100 nos. $100 grocery gift cards or 50 kroger fuel points or kroger digital coupons. Requirement for entering kroger survey sweepstakes is, your age should be 18 years old or older than 18.

What is Greatpeople.me?

Greatpeople.me is the official website of Kroger employees that allows its employees to check all the information related to work schedules, timetable, discounts on products and much more. Kroger greatpeople.me website will allow the Kroger associates to check all the information by providing their login details. Any person who is an employee of Kroger company can access Greatpeople.me website by getting the ID and password from the branch head. This website is only dedicated to the employees of Kroger company. To access your account on Greatpeople.me website, you need to open the login link on your web browser application. If you have an account associated with the Kroger company then provide the login details. Any new employee to Kroger can get their Greatpeople.me login details from the company HR.

Kroger Employee Greatpeople.me login:

Any Kroger employee who wants to login Greatpeople.me website must have the credentials like login ID and Password. This login website is also termed as Kroger Employee Greatpeople.me login. Logging in Greatpeople.me website will permit you to know the work based information and also the latest news about the company. One need not rush to the team head to know your shift or work schedule. Just check out the working hours and shift timings using Kroger Greatpeople.me login website. The guide given below will help you to login Greatpeople.me website easier and faster.

  • 1. Any associate who wants to check their account status must have a gadget device with a working internet connection to load the browser page.
  • 2. Open the web browser and address the www.greatpeople.me website URL in the space provided.
  • 3. Wait for the server to respond the command and then you will be asked to enter the User ID and Password in the blank fields.
  • Tap on the login button so that you will be taken to the Kroger accounts page where you can find all the needed data about the company.
  • 4. Now check your account status, shift timings, holidays, pay slip status, Shift changes and much more.
  • 5. Browse all the needed data and log out the portal when you are done with your work so that any part of the data cannot be stolen.

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Flashlight App for Android Mobile Phones - Best Torch Light Apps

Flashlight App is the most useful app available for Android Devices. The flashlight can be used at any time, anywhere and whenever it is needed. It's one of the best utility apps which are available for Android Devices. Flashlight App For Android is also available for many other OS. Like Windows Phone, Apple and Blackberry(Now, even blackberry is to come up with Android.).

There are many flashlight apps available for Android Devices which are really helpful and can be even used to pass your time playing with FlashLight App On Android. There are many options in the app like the Flickering light, Time Interval, Constant Light and much more, You may get to know about how much more ways the flashlight app can be used but for that, you will be needed to Download Flashlight App On Android and use it yourself.

On the internet, you will find many working Flashlight App For Android Devices but they don't have many features as discussed above. So, I have selected some of the best Flashlight App For Android which can be used to pass time and even use at the important time when you want Torch and unable to get it but still you can convert your Android Phone's flashlight into the torch and use it like a torch. Without wasting your much time I may direct you people towards How To Download Flashlight For Android and which apps you should use to convert your Android phone into flashlight and torch.

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Download & Install vshare App Store For Your Device

The first thing we do after we buy a new phone is to download a plethora of applications because without them, what is the point of having the phone, anyway. These applications have made our lives smooth, and we barely can imagine life without them. They are everywhere. From the recipe to your morning breakfast to the late night movie binging, without applications, you cannot imagine your day. Since these applications are so critical, you often feel the need to look beyond the applications you already possess. The number of applications in the play store may appear infinite, but in reality, they are constrained. You need newer and more advanced platforms for Install Official vShare App store. Like vshare which will give you a sense of what infinite looks likes.

What Is This New Platform?

vshare is a Third party Android store. It may seem like the play store, but it is different from its predecessor, and in fact, has a huge number of advantages over the classic play store. vshare has come a long way since it has accepted the open source community, and by doing so, it has provided to the community a store with open source. It can hence, serve all applications for free. Unlike the play store, vshare is genuinely unique as everyone can post any applications generated by them for free and get a detailed analysis of the kind of statistics the application is generating. By doing so, everyone can be part of the application community, for free and enjoy the perks of the internet. Also, instead of being a centralised store, anyone can have their store within vshare and manage it accordingly.

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PHP Tips to Improve Your Programming Skills

Hypertext Preprocessor, (better known by its recursive acronym, PHP) is a popular open source general-purpose scripting language that many web developers find suitable.PHP 7, the latest version has distinctive features that makes it easier for programmers to boost the speed of their web application significantly without deploying additional resources. Users can upgrade to the latest version of PHP seamlessly, however, they should check the ability of the PHP code to be reprocessed to maintain and update the web applications quickly in future editions.
Accordingly, listed below are pointers to writing clean and reusable PHP codes:

Take Advantage of Inherent Functions

In writing PHP code, programmers can achieve the same outcome by either choosing the native functions or trying out customised ones.They should consider taking advantage of the in-built functions provided by PHP to accomplish a variety of tasks without the need to write additional code. This helps to track the history of the application code and keeps them clean and readable.

Information about the built-in functions and their usage can be found by referring to the PHP developer manual.

Compare Similar Functions

While native functions helps to keep the PHP code readable and clean, different native functions have different execution speed, something developers must keep in mind. Moreover, certain native functions consume extra resources than others. Therefore, developers have to compare similar PHP functions, and settle for those that will not affectthe overall performance of the web application. For instance, they must determine the length of a string by using isset() instead of strlen().

Cache Most PHP Scripts

Script execution time for application codes typically varies from one web server to another. For instance, Apache web server serve a HTML page much faster than PHP scripts. An additional factor is the need to recompile PHP scripts each time the page is requested. PHP users can easily eliminate the script recompilation process by caching most scripts. A variety of PHP caching tools like memcache can assist in reducing the script compilation time.

Execute Conditional Code with Ternary Operators

Typically, PHP programmers execute conditional code with If/Else statements. However, developers have to write additional code to execute conditional code through If/Else statements, a situation that can be avoided by using a ternary operator instead. The ternary operator helps programmers keep the code in a straight-through format by writing conditional code in a single line.

Keep the Code Readable and reusable

It can be formidable for programmers to understand and modify the code written by others. Therefore, they require extra time to maintain and update the PHP applications efficiently. While writing PHP code, programmers can easily make the application maintainable and updateable by clearly describing the usage and the importance of individual code snippets. Code can be made easily readable by adding comments to each code snippet. The comments will then make it easier for other developers to make changes to the existing code in future.

Using JSON instead of XML

When working with web services, the PHP programmers can choose to use both XML and JSON. But they shouldn’t neglect the inherent benefits of native PHP functions like json_encode( ) and json_decode( ) to work with web services in a more efficient way. They can still work with XML form of data and parse the XML data more efficiently using regular expression instead of DOM manipulation.

Pass References instead of Value to Functions

Sometimes it is necessary to have new classes and methods in programming. However, an experienced programmer would find ways to reuse the classes and methods throughout the code. Since he or she also appreciate that a function can be manipulated by passing references instead of values, they try to avoid adding extra overheads by passing references to the function instead of values. They however need to ensure that the logic of the code remains unaffected while passing reference to the functions.

Turn Error Reporting on in Development Mode

A developer must try to debug the PHP code during in the course of development up till the testing process. The programmers simply set the error reporting to E_ALL to identify both minor and major errors in the PHP code during the development process. They however must remember to switch the error reporting option off when the application moves from development to production mode.

Replacing Double Quotes with Single Quotes

Programmers can choose to use either single quotes (') or double quotes (") when writing PHP code. However, PHP application performance can be boosted by using single quotes instead of double quotes. The single code will increase the execution speed of loops drastically as well as enable programmers to print longer lines of information more efficiently.However, making changes to the PHP code would require developers using single quotes instead of double quotes.

Avoid Using Wildcards in SQL Queries

PHP programmers are inclined towards using wildcards or * to keep the Standard Query Language (SQL) queries simple. However, wildcards may affect the performance of the web application directly especially if the database has a high number of columns. To avoid this, programmers must list the required columns specifically in the SQL query to optimise resource consumption.

Avoid Executing Database Queries in Loop

PHP programmers can improve the web application's performance by avoiding executingqueries in loop. They can achieve the same outcomes without querying the database in loop. For instance, the developers can use a robust WordPress plug-in like Query Monitor to view the database queries along with the rows affected by them.

Never Trust User Input

To keep the web application secure,PHP programmers tend to be cautious with the input submitted by users. They always check and clean all user information and prevent them from submitting inappropriate or invalid data by using inherent functions like filter_var ().Nonetheless, it is also imperative for developers to pick the right PHP protocol and development tool.

Currently, aprogrammer can choose from a wide range of open source PHP frameworks such asPrado,Symfony, CakePHP, Yii, CodeIgniter, Zoopand Zend. Hence, the need to pick a PHP that complements all needs of a project. To make the web application reusable, programmer and/or developers need to combine multiple PHP development tool, a move that can also critically reduce the development time.